Wedding DJ + Photographer Melbourne – Matt Jefferies Entertainment and Art by I Photography

If you happen to watch Shakira and J Lo during the half time show of the Super Bowl in the USA, you may have thought that two of the most admired Latinas are in the same stage without outshining each other. Both had their share of the stage and as the performance was about to come to an end, even if you are just streaming on the Internet or seated in the comfort of your couch while glued on the television you are left in awe.

We also just thought of that, the two icons in the Event Photography Industry also followed suit the tracks of Shakira and J Lo. Art by I Photography and Matt Jefferies Entertainment – the former is king in photography that tells no holds bar stories and the latter king when it comes to the dance floor. 

Why is it essential to have a professional photographer and a professional DJ at one’s wedding? 

There are no bathroom breaks when it comes to good entertainment, especially during weddings. A renowned wedding DJ that is an expert in reading the crowd never puts anyone to sleep. And those that are just too shy to go to the dance floor are caught dancing when the right DJ comes along and play hits one after the other. And that is what DJ Matt from Matt Jefferies Entertainment is all about.

On the other hand, looking for photography and pictures that tell a thousand stories, taken from vantage point angles? That is the cup of tea of Art by I, and while you swing and dance along we are so sure that you would not look awkward while enjoying the DJ services. As if your photos are literally taken for that most coveted slot in the newspaper or magazine of the city’s limelight stories but with the caption “strutting in style.” 

You never have to panic that the guests might leave early for they won’t. 

Trust us that we got that covered with the combined noble tag-team efforts of Art by I and Matt Jefferies Entertainment. They will paint your event in technicolour and remove any chance of black and white vibe. 

Entice the senses with vibrant photography and earworm inducing songs and cap the night with Super bowl half time quality services that both Art by I and Matt Jefferies Entertainment provide.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment – Wedding DJ – Photographer Melbourne – Art by I

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