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Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Photo + Magnets in Ceremonies – Yvonne Wood + Ceremony Photo Keepsake

One of the most illustrious wedding celebrants that Melbourne should probably be proud of is Yvonne Wood. It has been noted that she is known for her passion, grit and professionalism to deliver the most relevant and fun wedding ceremonies. And just her zest and love for weddings and genuineness in celebrating weddings with couples over the years, it is awe-inspiring just to capture all these details in a photo.

While she’s all out in her stint as a wedding celebrant, it is a given that anything happens in a blink of an eye. Taking photos through a roving photographer, that is a reliable partner to her during the wedding ceremony, could encapsulate that cute yawn of the ring bearer… the giddiness of the ones lighting the unity candle… reviving old traditions just like the “jumping the broom”… and the chemical or sand blending and other stuff are all priceless.

Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Photo
A picture tells thousands of stories that make your heart flutter or skip a beat, thrill or excite you, leave you wondering or inspire you.

These moments could not be predetermined, rehearsed, or rewind for one’s liking. Nevertheless they are taken by a professional roving photographer that has a vast body of work and expertise in lighting, taking shots with the natural environment with blurring images or distorting them.

At the end of the ceremony, would it not be a delight that these photos are yours for the taking as one of the kin or guest? Have them laid out, edited and printed as tangible keepsake such as a photo magnet.

A photo magnet is a good take on preserving that wedding ceremony moments while including the details and the emotions that are embedded in them. More so, just like Yvonne Wood, your virtuous wedding celebrant, these photo magnets are as memorable as if you are still there, reliving that romantic moment of exchanging “I dos” has that nostalgic and refreshing feel.

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