Wedding Celebrant DJ Melbourne – Julie Byrne and Matt Jefferies

The common ground between a Wedding Celebrant and a Wedding DJ is that they must keep things together to hold a huge crowd. With that said, the wedding is not always about couples alone because family members and guest are also their witnesses at the said event.

The turf of the Wedding Celebrant is the ceremony that binds together the loving couple, and the territory of the Wedding DJ is the Wedding reception and program: different realms but the same when it comes to providing the best wedding day experience ever.

It is not only that both have prowess in either making a solemn yet fun ceremony or head banging or exciting tunes. But interpersonal skills that help in interacting with people that both should have. They tackle inexorably each part of two different yet related wedding sequences.

We want to marry both services and yes we can, and we did, Celebrant Julie Byrne and Matt Jefferies Entertainment joined forces so that from start to finish everyone will have a good time.

Celebrant Julie Byrne has moreover seven hundred weddings under her belt and has bagged many awards.

Her principle in providing her services is that she wants to delve deeper into knowing the couple so she could deliver a custom fit ceremony that matches their personality. Hence, it is chill and relaxed to remove the tense atmosphere during the ceremony.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment explores means and ways to make everyone gather in the dance floor – the meek and shy with the outgoing crowd so everyone can have a piece of the enjoyment.

Reading the crowd and gunning a playlist that is personally handpicked by the wedding couple. Plus Matt Jefferies is also making waves with a string of recognition from industry award-giving bodies.

Both are big leagues in their own right and that testimonies of people are their hallmark of supreme and dedicated performances.

Both are important and pivotal to structure a well-crafted flow of events in the wedding, and with their respective turns at the wedding, there is sure harmony of the chronology of events in the wedding.

And if it is a personalised, detailed and maximalist approach to the wedding ceremony and reception you are looking for, then you have found what you are looking for in the uncanny services of Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant + DJ Melbourne Matt Jefferies Entertainment.


Matt Jefferies Entertainment – Wedding DJ – Celebrant Melbourne – Julie Byrne

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